Transportation Industry

The transportation industry plays a vital role in today's commerce. The industry has been a primary contributing force behind globalization and the success of Internet commerce. More than most, the various modes of transportation have achieved success because of information systems and the great strides in coordination and control such systems have enabled .

IT Strategies has long been active in the transportation and logistics industry. We have consulted in most modes of transportation, for carriers, shippers, intermediaries, ports, and for other professional firms that provide service to the transportation and logistics industry.


We have worked for:

  • Railroads—both freight and intercity passenger
  • Trucking Companies
  • Truck renting and leasing companies
  • Steamship lines
  • Maritime ports
  • Barge lines
  • Maritime Construction safety oversight firms

Our work for transportation carriers has ranged from:

  • Defining business requirements and identifying solutions for conventional operations and marketing systems

  • Determining how to fundamentally change a business operation by introducing technology into the process.

  • Identifying ways to leverage a company's knowledge and reputation in transportation to enter emerging information-based services businesses.

We were instrumental in establishing the operations of a major east coast passenger rail operation by transforming a state contracting agency into a full service operating entity.