Founded in 1989, IT Strategies specializes in using information technology to tackle complex business issues. We help clients understand technology's potential. With our assistance, client companies modify business policies and processes, select suitable software and other enabling technologies, and implement solutions.

Our consultants possess a rare combination of experienced-based knowledge and skills acquired in the course of several assignments within specific business functions—distribution and logistics, sales and marketing, accounting and finance, and manufacturing— and across a number of industries.

We approach problems having dealt with similar situations in several companies. This multi-company perspective provides an understanding of what is possible, which grounds our recommendations within the realm of the affordable and practical.

This perspective also gives us the insight to understand that there are cases where “tried and true” or half-measures will not achieve the desired result. We closely monitor the technology trends that are changing not only the information technology landscape, but also the basic models of business practice. We recommend these technologies when they are truly transformative, but we resist the impulse to recommend technologies just because they are new or in fashion.