Kathleen McDede

Ms. McDede, an Executive Consultant to IT Strategies, brings a wealth of experience in pharmaceutical commercial operations. She has held increasingly important positions within the pharmaceutical industry: Director, Supply Chain, Business Unit Director for the New York Metropolitan area, and most recently Vice President, U.S. Sales and Marketing Technology. In these roles she has provided innovative leadership in supply chain operations, sales & marketing, and information technology. This experience has given Ms. McDede a perspective on pharmaceutical business issues that is unique in its broadness.

Ms. McDede’s consulting emphasis at IT Strategies is the role of information technology within the pharmaceutical industry at a time when the industry is undergoing major upheavals, creating challenges that she is uniquely prepared to deal with based on her knowledge and experience.

Prior to her affiliation with IT strategies, Ms. McDede was a Vice President at Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc., where she oversaw the company's North American sales and marketing technology organization.

Ms. McDede received a BA in Accounting and Economics from Rutgers University and a MBA in Finance from Fairleigh Dickenson University.